Izakaya Plate

Izakaya Plate

Izakaya Plate

An izakaya is a type of informal Japanese pub fare specialising in shared plates and tapas style finger food for after-work drinking and socialising.


Gyoza - steamed japanese dumplings

- vegetarian 5 pcs (V) (VG)
- prawn & vegetable 5 pcs
$ 9

Edamame (V) (VG)

- steamed young soy beans
- chilli & garlic edamame
$ 5

Karaage Chicken

lightly spiced crispy fried chicken w/ BBQ sauce & mayo
$ 12

Baby Squid Karaage

lightly dusted w/ lime mayo
$ 14

Tempura Snapper 4 pcs

topped w/ japanese yuzu salsa
$ 18

Goma Ae (V)

steamed seasonal greens tossed w/ black sesame & honey paste with a touch of chilli
$ 11

Nasu Dengaku (V) (VG

slow cooked caramelised eggplant w/ yuzu miso sauce
$ 12

Crispy Fried Tofu (V)

crispy deep fried tofu w/ chilli mayo sauce
$ 12


Agedashi Tofu (V) (VG)

crispy deep fried tofu in a dashi broth
$ 13

Agedashi Eggplant (V) (VG)

crispy deep fried eggplant in a dashi broth
$ 13

Fried Lotus Chips (V)

crispy fried lightly salted w/ chilli mayo sauce
$ 7

Spring Rolls (V) (VG)

crispy deep fried w/ sweet chilli sauce (5pcs)
$ 28

Salmon Wonton Tacos

Marinated salmon & avocado, house chipotle sushi rice w/ finely grated smoked cheddar
$ 14

Tempura Soft Shell Crab

Served with red onion Vinaigrette & chilli mayo
$ 14

Haloumi Skewers (V)

Marinated and seared (2pcs)
$ 12

House Fries (V)

Shoestring style served w/ Japanese style mayo
$ 8