About Us

About Us

Welcome to OSushi

At O Sushi our award winning chefs combine centuries of tradition with their own touches of innovation to present dishes guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

It is this attention and commitment to the details of great food and service which has seen OSushi win a long list of awards including being named Australia's Best Sushi Bar in 2016 and Australia's Favourite Japanese Restaurant in 2012.
We use free range, organic and local produce where possible from the Northern Rivers and local Gold Coast regions. Our healthy MSG free ingredients along with our vegetarian and vegan options allow us to cater for most taste buds.
Our ever changing selection of sushi, share plates and al la carte dishes will ensure you have an excellent meal no matter what you choose.

Please inform our staff of any dietary requirements and don't forget to check our specials board for something truly mouth watering.

OSushi is fully licensed with an excellent selection of beer, wine and Japanese Whiskey and Sake.

Arigatou Gozaimasu...enjoy the O Sushi experience!

190925 - WF - OSushi Menuv2.cdr
190925 - WF - OSushi Menuv2.cdr

In the tradition of the Samura

Forged from traditional methods used by the original samurai blacksmiths the modern sushi knife is a craftsman's tool like no other. Rich in culture and mystique the Honyaki (true forged) sushi knife is made from single high grade steel. The technique of hand crafting sushi knives dates back to the 14th century with many of the techniques going back as far as 1000 years ago. When carrying Samurai swords became illegal in Japan the majority of sword craftsmen turned their business towards crafting high quality ornate sushi knives. Hundreds of years of accumulated knowledge and experience have been passed down from master to apprentice with specific rules and procedures in place to protect the secrets of the trade. The modern sushi knife is steeped in Japanese tradition and connects the modern sushi chef to the ancient culture of this unique Japanese art form.

"Making sushi is an art and experiencing it is everything" - Nobu Matsuhisa